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We at Two Spruce Law P.C., a Bend Oregon based law firm, are specialists in Probate Law and Estate Planning with a reputation for providing client focused service combining twenty plus years of legal excellence with a compassionate human centered approach.
Our specialist attorney will guide you through the probate and estate planning process in an supportive efficient manner. Each step of the process will be explained to you in a language that is easy to understand. Providing you with the assurance that you are getting the right advice.

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We will help you understand probate before you get started and assist you in the process. “Probate – an Overview


Estate Planning

Estate Planning doesn’t need to be a daunting task. At Two Spruce Law we excel at getting your Trust or Will done professionally and in a timely manner.


Estate Planning 101 (estate_planning.pdf)

A reader-friendly source of general information about estate planning. Reading this before your first meeting with the attorney could save you an hour of time with the attorney, a savings of $330 dollars.

Estate Planning Questionnaire (estate_planning_questionnaire.pdf)

This is a form for you to fill out that provides the attorney will details about your family and your assets. Again, filling it out before your appointment with the attorney will save you some of her time and therefore reduce your over-all cost. Do not let this questionnaire intimidate you. Just provide as much detail as you can without getting overwhelmed by them. It is more important that the attorney have an accurate overview of your assets with rough values than it is for her to have fine detail like account numbers and values to the penny.

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Useless Wills

“Now just a minute,” Tiffany said. She noticed that her hands were shaking. “You’re telling me that Daddy’s Will doesn’t do what it says it does?” “I’m sorry to say that that’s right,” answered Trish, the lawyer. “But, it says right here that I get the $500,000 life insurance policy number 1234555 with Universal American …

What Happens to Your Children (and Your Money) If You Die When They Are Young

As she hung up the phone, reality began to sink in.  Her mother was dead.  Massive heart attack at age forty-seven.  How much bad luck could one person have?  Dad died only two years ago in that freak accident on the tractor.  Mom couldn’t be dead too.  She’d been so active and fit.  Dedicated to …

Patricia Louise Nelson Bio

 She founded her solo law practice in October, 2006.  Before that she was with the Merrill O’Sullivan, LLP law firm for nearly 12 years, including 7 years as a partner in that firm.     
Before moving to Bend, Oregon, in 1995, Patricia graduated from Willamette University College of Law in 1993.  She then clerked for the Honorable Judge Edward Leavy of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Portland, Oregon.  Since graduating from law school she has served as a board member and the president of Oregon Women Lawyers, a founding board member and president of Oregon Women Lawyers Foundation, a board member and the president of Growing Tree Children Center, a founding member of Cascade Women Lawyers, president of the Deschutes County Bar Association, as a board member and president of ConnectW (formerly the Network of Entrepreneurial Women), a board member of the Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades.  She is a graduate of Leadership Bend. 
In the spring of 2014, she completed a ministerial training course and was ordained as a Minister of Walking Prayer.  She brings her spiritual walk actively into her law practice.


Meet the Team

Patricia Louise Nelson

Attorney and owner of Two Spruce Law P.C.

Kerry Duncan

Secretary and billing guru.

Patrick Heatherman

Paralegal and tech master.